Everything You Need to Know About Tweetdeck

Everything you need to know about tweetdeck

What it is:

It is a social media dash board.  You can use it in order to manage your Face book and/or Twitter account.  It is also the most widely used Twitter application.

Who can benefit from using it?

One of the biggest groups of people that will benefit from using this is businesses.  They are one of the largest groups that can benefit from using social media in general is because they can market their product/service effectively on social media sites.  It is a good medium for businesses to market because it reaches a big audience.  Another is that it is extremely cost effective.  Social media sites are free to use and can generate a lot of revenue.  Another group of people that can benefit from using this app are teenagers who love to see what all of their celebrities, and closest friends are up to.  Lastly, people can benefit from social media if they move around a lot.  You can connect with your family member or friends without seeing them in person.


Organization- This is a great tool to use for people who want to stay organized.  It allows you to see both your accounts and see everything at once.  Organization is so important because it can help you keep things together without falling apart.  It will also help you plan for the future.

Staying informed- This will also help keep you informed.  You will be able to see what’s going on all at once, letting you know about everything as it is happening.

Multi-columns- Another note worthy part are the multi-columns.  This can allow you to see a lot of things at the same time.

Quick filtering- Quick filtering can save you a lot of time and effort.  This is especially beneficial for businesses that may have social media sites that are full of a ton of fans and friends.

Big buttons- the big buttons and boxes that appear with this app are very user friendly.  This can be especially beneficial for older users who do not have the best eye sight.  The boxes are white and you can clearly see the content with its font and color.

Changes that have been made in the company:

Twitter acquired this tool in May.  This has been so controversial among its users because they doubted whether or not Twitter would stay true to the program.  They made some significant changes for the users.  The main goals of these changes were to make it over all easier to use.  They were successfully at making it easy to use, but they may have taken away too many of the features that everyone loved.  Some of the features that have been removed more recently include quick profiles, narrow columns, in-column filtering, and much more.  However, the features that make it easier to use make this program attractive to a wider variety of people.  More people will be able to use it because it is over all easier to understand.  One of the things that are significantly easier to do is to post a tweet.  You can simply do this by clicking on the star and writing out what you want to stay.  This differs from a previous version where you would have to navigate through menus in order to figure out how to post a tweet.


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